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Curso de Italiano Presencial

Italian courses at Centro Dante Lisboa

We offer Italian courses in different modalities, in person and online, to adapt to the needs of our students.

Our Italian courses range from basic level (A1) to level advanced (C2). They include sectoral language courses, such as Italian for business, Italian for music, Italian for tourism, Italian and gastronomy, Italian and law.

Any language opens the doors to the world and Italian is a language that conveys an important history and culture, not forgetting the opportunities for work and study or simply the experience you can have.

Why learn Italian in Lisbon?

With us you can start studying Italian in Lisbon with our face-to-face Italian courses. What’s more, you can learn Italian comfortably from home with the online Italian courses.

We also have study trips to study Italian in Italy and discover the wonders of this country.

For those with difficult schedules, we have individual Italian courses at flexible times and we offer courses in mini-groups of 3/5 people.

Lisbon’s Dante Center, the gateway to Italian language and culture in Lisbon.

We invite you to try out and get to know the methodology of the Dante Lisboa Center.